What is PKAN?

PKAN is a neurological┬ádegenerative disease that results in an iron build-up in the brain. This terrible disease leads to loss of motor skills and function, muscle cramping and degeneration,┬ásevere┬áseizures, and finally death – often at a very early age and there is no cure.

Until now. After 20+ years of research and hard work, doctors at The Spoonbill Foundation have developed a brand-new and potentially life-saving treatment called CoA-Z.

The FDA has approved a clinical trial…but it’s expensive, and the clock is ticking! We need to get this life-saving treatment to these kids now!

Introducing the Spoonbill Foundation

For over 20 years Doctors Hayfick and Hogarth have been working tirelessly to first identify, then diagnose, treat, and hopefully cure PKAN and other related neurodegenerative diseases.

After many many years of painstakingly slow progress, finally a breakthrough treatment: CoA-Z.

This new treatment shows promising signs of not only slowing the progression of the terrible tole PKAN takes on these children – but to actually stop the disease… and may even reverse symptoms and allow recovery.

Now we need to raise $2,000,000 to assist The Spoonbill Foundation to administer this potentially life-saving FDA-approved clinical trial to all of the children in the U.S. with this fatal and cruel disease.

Please donate now to help us cure this terrible disease!