Current News

As of 02/25/2019 The Spoonbill foundation along with parents and communities of affected families, have raised a total of $1,358,399. We have joined with them to reach the goal of $2 million to ensure that not only Daron, Angie and Aubrey get the help they need, but all those affected with PKAN, have the opportunity to live.

Our latest fundraising project is the PKAN House of Hope. Tim Kenney, a Southern Utah custom home builder, with New Trend Construction and Bill & Ray Cox, who are local ERA, Real Estate Agents, have come together to build this House of Hope. Saint George suppliers and contractors are generously contributing their time, materials and money to make this happen.

The House of Hope is being build through donations and once sold will be donating all proceeds from the Home to the Spoonbill Foundation, to give all the kids affected with PKAN a bright future! Be apart of our journey at

On July 12, 2018, the Jessop family, friends and New Trend Construction workers gathered for the ground breaking for the PKAN House of Hope.

Noreen, Lester, Daron, Angie and Aubrey
Ground Breaking for House of Hope

Tim Kenney and Bill Cox at the ground breaking for the House of Hope.

July 21,2018, one week after the footings were dug, underground utilities were in and the house was framed! Over 20 men came together and donated their time to frame this home in 2 days. Follow our facebook page for more pictures for pictures of sponsors and more information on the PKAN House of Hope!

House of Hope Framing Crew
House of Hope! Picture taken on 7-21-2018

The PKAN House of Hope finished and ready to be sold! 02/15/2019Bill, Ray & Mike Cox, Local ERA Real Estate Agents.